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Company Objectives

Our Four Perseverance

We persevere in the principle of 'human-based management, building trust through sincerity'.

We persevere in the competitive strategies of 'high quality, high efficacy and low pricing'.

We persevere in the development of 'serialized, professional and mass-oriented' products.

We persevere in the zeal of 'in-house and innovative' research and development. ¡@


Our Mission

We strive to offer 'reasonable pricing with premium quality'. We aim to provide 'affordable preventive health care instead of curative measures'.


Our Goal

We are the first Joint Venture Enterprise in China to introduce the state-of-art concentrated extraction technology to develop bio-chemical health care product. With our international GMP manufacturing factory, our Lingzhi and Yunzhi products are flagship ones that are famous for their preventive efficacies.

¡@ ¡@

Our Long Term Goal

Have the base in China and expand over the world!


The Composition of the U-Century Group

The U-Century Group consists of ¡§Tai¡¦an Tai Mountain Union Century Lingzhi Company Limited¡¨ which was established in 1996. Initially, the Company concentrated mainly in providing processing services for clients. However, with continuous development and demand from the market, the series of U-Century products were produced and placed for sale in Hong Kong in 2002. Thereafter, ¡§Quorum Bio-tech Limited¡¨ was set up in Shenzhen in 2003 while ¡§U-Century Bio-Tech Company Limited¡¨ was established in 2004 with ¡§Tai¡¦an Tai Mountain Union Century Lingzhi Company Limited¡¨ as the Mainland partner and ¡§Union Century (Hong Kong) Limited¡¨ as the Hong Kong one.

Union Century (Hong Kong) Limited is mainly responsible for the overall planning as well as sales and marketing strategies for the whole group. It focuses in developing overseas markets, collecting most updated scientific research information as well as introducing and purchasing of overseas products. This modern window Company assembles import and export trade while concentrating in production and sales as the main concern.

We are also strong in research and development. We established our own centre in product research, development and testing. Professor Benny Zhou, our leader in the professional research team, always conducts exchanges with other research and development organizations as well as developing new items for health products so as to supply more quality choices for consumers.

Following our mission of offering reasonable pricing with premium quality and providing affordable preventive health care instead of curative measures, we actively develop the sales strategies and engage professional entrepreneurs. We advocate for ¡¥brand-building¡¦. With the high quality research and development team, we have every confidence that the series of U-Century products would become the golden trademark in the market.


OEM  Services

In order to meet the need for long-term and comprehensive business development, U-Century Bio-Tech Co Ltd purchased a land of more than 30 acres in the Newly Developed Area of Advanced Technology Industrial Region of Tai¡¦an City in Shantung and constructed an international GMP factory as the production base. The Newly Developed Area of Advanced Technology Industrial Region of Tai¡¦an is a development province approved by the Government of Shantung. With a few years¡¦ development and construction, the environment for investment becomes better day by day. The Newly Developed Area of Advanced Technology Industrial Region has already become the high-tech industrial base of Tai¡¦an City. Apart from having the international GMP factory in Tai¡¦an, U-Century Bio-Tech Co Ltd also established another production base for research and development in Nano Technology in Ping Hu, Shenzhen.

Apart from obtaining the internationally approved certificate of ¡§GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices for Drugs¡¨ issued by the Ministry of Health of the People¡¦s Republic of China, U-Century Bio-Tech Co Ltd also aims at promoting our scientific technology and quality products to other parts of the world. All the facilities in the factory meet GMP standards such as the automated production workshop, the raw material processing centre, the product and raw material logistics centre and the low-temperature raw material warehouse as well as all kinds of equipments. With such facilities, the safety and effectiveness of our quality products are guaranteed.

All the products of U-Century meet international food safety requirements, including those stringent tests like heavy metal test, chemical toxic elements test, micro-organisms test, etc. All our products have been sold in the market for years with ¡¥zero¡¦ complaint on the quality.

The health food and textile products with Nano Technology of U-Century take a leading role in Mainland China. U-Century has already been a supplier of many prominent domestic and foreign enterprises.



The Mainland partner ----- Tai'an Tai Mountain Union Century Lingzhi Co., Ltd.

Professor Benny Zhou :

Vice-Chairman of China Health Maintaining Association ¡V Polypeptide Exploring Basement and Director of International Research Society on Lingzhi


Chief Engineer and Consultant of Tai'an Tai Mountain Union Century Lingzhi Co., Ltd.

Research and teaching post at University of Xin Hua of China from 1978-1989

Based on previous research results, Prof Zhou has been concentrating in product development (especially in Lingzhi, Yunzhi and Cordyceps) since 1983

First one to develop and produce Lingzhi Tea (which is free from tea leaves, saccharin and other impurities) with an ingredient of more than 71-96% Red Lingzhi

The state-of-art concentrated extraction technology in extracting macromolecular Lingzhi polysaccharide achieves a rate more than 43%

The technology adopted in Broken Shell Spore achieves a broken shell rate of more than 95%

The state-of-art concentrated extraction technology in extracting macromolecular Yunzhi polysaccharide-peptide achieves a rate of more than 50%

In the past thirty years, Prof Zhou has always been invited to participate in a lot of scientific and clinical research work. He has also published and delivered his research results and literature in public. In particular, his theses in Lingzhi, Yunzhi and other fungi are outstanding and prominent ones in the field.

The Hong Kong partner ----- U-Century Bio-Tech Company Limited

Management level:

Mr. Cecil Chan  Managing Director

20 years of experience in global finance, business, trading and operation management.

20 years of management experience in the joint venture business in China (food production and operation management).

20 years of experience in strategic planning as well as sales and marketing.

* Former Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Guangxi, Xi'an more than 20 foreign-owned, joint venture, Chairman and General Manager. Including international trade, textile products manufacturing, food processing, manufacturing, car repair business, chemical products, such as high-tech product development and international finance, project / market planning, business consultant.


¡@ Present
* U-Century Bio-Tech Company Limited ¡V Managing Director
* U-Century International Ltd. ¡V Managing Director
* Companion Finance Limited ¡V General Manager (Commercial Credit)
* Banco Capital Management Company Limited ¡V Vice Chairman
* Shandong Tai¡¦an U-Century Bio-Tech Company Limited ¡VVice Chairman/ General Manager
* Shanghai U-Century Company Limited ¡V Vice Chairman
* Guangzhou Paccar Strategic Marketing Advertisement Company Limited ¡VPrincipal Consultant
* Canada Protegaze Strategic Marketing Company Limited (China Rep Office)¡VPrincipal Consultant
* Guangdong Dongguan Sui Dong Enterprises Company Limited ¡VConsultant
* Guangdong Shenzhen Sing Fung Company Limited ¡VConsultant


GMP Factory

The GMP Factory at Tai¡¦an City in Shantung (Photo 1) The GMP Factory at Tai¡¦an City in Shantung (Photo 2)
¡@ ¡@
Strict monitoring of the production process Large boiler for extracting concentration in the GMP Factory
¡@ ¡@
Researchers undergoing quality control Facilities are examined daily to ensure meeting standards
¡@ ¡@
Production facilities Automated production system
¡@ ¡@
Strict monitoring of the sterilization process Automated production system for Lingzhi
¡@ ¡@
Examination and packaging of Lingzhi Tea Prof Benny Zhou examining the cultivation of Lingzhi
¡@ ¡@

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